ETC Solar was founded in 2017 out of the labs of Dr. Harry Atwater at Caltech. In addition, ETC Solar spun out off the University of Twente in 2018 to target the European market. ETC Solar was founded by Dr. Harry Atwater, Dr. Rebecca Saive and Mr. Thomas Russell.

Thomas Russell

Prof. Dr. Rebecca Saive

Prof. Dr. Harry Atwater
Scientific Advisor

Marnix Rebergen
Director of Technology NL

Dr. Michael Kelzenberg
Director of Technology US

Vivek Shah
R&D Scientist

Dr. Serhii Mytnyk
Senior Chemist

Niels Appel
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Dr. Ralf Lüdemann
Business Advisor

Christiaan van den Berg
Mechanical Systems Engineer

Marina Belitskaya

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