ETC Solar

To ensure 30+ market penetration of solar energy, its costs must fall drastically, especially when taking into account the concept of value deflation of solar at higher shares of the energy mix. Improving the power output of solar cells – without increasing the per-area manufacturing costs – is one of the most effective means to drive down the levelized cost of electricity of photovoltaic systems. Lower-cost solar modules can also be expected to benefit the developing world as well as disadvantaged communities that lack access to the power grid.

ETC Solar is commercializing world’s highest-performing front contact technology for solar cells
and was founded in 2017 by:

Thomas Russel

Dr. Rebecca Saive

Dr. Harry Atwater

Our Technology is under development.


Caltech FLOW Rocket Fund Award 2017

1st Price NSF I-Corps 2017

1st Price FLOW’s Cleantech UP competition 2018

1st Price DOE’s National Cleantech UP competition 2018

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